Our house band is comprised of a tight-knit group of musicians that exhibit the talent and flexibility needed to make a group like this work. We compile and perform music from a wide variety of eras, from top-40 to classics, from jazz to funk, and all parts in-between. Additionally, we act as a backing band for our featured vocalists as needed.

Besides being featured at Resounding Cymbals sanctioned events, we can be found performing in the community as well. Our group has been known to perform at special events, fund-raisers, parades, and other outside functions. Our band is incredibly flexible, and can change to fit the task at hand. 

Performing Arts

    Where words fail, Music Speaks...

We're all about having a blast while playing on stage, and we want you to come have a blast with us! With the flexibility to which we perform, we are always looking for musicians. At the moment, we are actively searching for bassists (electric or upright), guitarists, and brass. If you are interested in trying out for the group, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Resounding Cymbals

At the precipice of the music program sits the Resounding Cymbals House Band. Much like the house bands found in late-nite talk shows and Saturday Night Live, this group performs as the main band at variety shows, before and after select theatrical events, and at many other events in the community.

   The Resounding Cymbals House Band

...and our musicians have a lot to say. The Resounding Cymbals Music Program is multi-faceted, and incorporates many genres from across the spectrum. Our musicians and vocalists really get the opportunity to showcase their talent at variety shows, where we welcome members of our group to get on stage and share their talent. Of course, we also welcome vocalists from our community to come in and bring their art to the stage.